Thursday, September 12, 2013

Assad will turn over weapons once US stops arming terrorists

Assad: Syria to fulfil chemical weapons initiative if U.S. ends threats - agency - Yahoo/Reuters

Syrian crisis: Keeping up with key developments - CNN

...The Syrian president added that his government's signing of the international agreement is not "unilateral." It is contingent, he said, on the United States ceasing its threats of military action and the acceptance of Russia's proposal to transfer the arms to international control. "When we see that the United States really wants stability in our region, and will stop threatening and striving to attack, and will stop proving weapons to the terrorists, then we will consider that we can carry out these necessary processes to the end. And they (the processes) will put into effect by Syria," al-Assad said. "The most important role belongs to the Russian government because we do not trust the United States and have no contact. Russia is the only government that can carry this out right now."