Saturday, September 28, 2013


John Boehner: "Keep the gov’t open. Stop as much of ObamaCare as possible. Pay our troops no matter what. This is what the House amendments to the Senate’s continuing resolution will do. Now it’s the Senate’s job to pass them, and avert a government shutdown."

Republicans moved onto the House floor Saturday evening to attempt to pass a bill that funds the government for three months, delays Obamacare for one and permanently repeals a tax on medical devices. - Politico

The House Republican Conference appeared, for once, unified behind the measure, and was expected to vote late into Saturday night. House Republicans also intend to advance a bill to pay U.S. troops in the case of a government shutdown.

...The move puts Senate Democrats and the White House at loggerheads with House Republicans, a standoff that could lead to the first government shutdown since 1995.

...“We’ve had enough of the disunity in our party,” Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) told the meeting of House Republicans Saturday afternoon. “The headlines are Republicans fighting Republicans. This will unite us. This protects the people who sent us here from Obamacare.”

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said it would be the “fastest whip check in history,” as every member raised their hand, saying they would support the bill.

Pelosi absent for vote - Politico
Harry Reid said the Senate would not accept a House measure repealing a tax on medical devices imposed by the new health law. - Wall St. Journal
Obama Will Veto - AP

The Senate is not scheduled to return to session until Monday afternoon, 10 hours before the fiscal year ends. Democrats who control the Senate said they wouldn’t negotiate or consider the House proposal, leaving no apparent path to compromise on either side in the waning hours before money runs out for many parts of the government not on automatic spending such as Social Security or considered essential such as the military.

The White House threatened a veto of the Republican plan, and Press Secretary Jay Carney worked to pin the blame for a shutdown on Republicans. “Any member of the Republican Party who votes for this bill is voting for a shutdown,” he said. “It’s time for the House to listen to the American people and act, as the Senate has, in a reasonable way to pass a bill that keeps the government running and move on.”

#ifgovernmentshutsdown: Twitterverse takes on government shutdown - Daily Caller

There's a whole hashtag on Twitter now #IfGovernmentShutsDown, and here's some things people are saying:

RT @iowahawkblog: #IfGovernmentShutsDown bands of anarchists will roam the streets, selling incandescent lightbulbs and high capacity

#IfGovernmentShutsDown we all may need to find our own way to waste half our money.

Essential: Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis (9-28-2008) - Trevor Loudon/New Zeal
Budget Battle: Reid Says My Way Or Highway As House GOP Votes Today On Stopgap Bill - Gateway Pundit
House Adds Yearlong Obamacare Delay, Repeal of Medical Device Tax to CR - Bridget Johnson/PJ Media
Glenn Reynolds asks, ‘Why is Obama shutting down government?’ - Twitchy

Much as the White House — with the help of NPR — did its best to re-brand President Obama’s sequestration cuts as a Republican creation, the administration and media are hard at work trying to push the idea of an uncompromising GOP taking the economy hostage. The real question: why won’t Obama and the Democrats negotiate? Harry Reid earlier today said the vote was a “meaningless” gesture of extortion by Tea Party “anarchists.” White House spokesman Jay Carney issued a statement accusing the GOP of moving to shut down the government, complete with talk of “sabotage.”

Medical device amendment passed Y: 248, N: 174 h/t: Kerry Picket
Obamacare Delay Amd PASSED Y: 231, N: 192
Embassy Security Authorization passed Y: 384 , N: 37
Passage of Pay Our Military Act passed Y: 423 , N: 0
No congressman voted against the pay the military act

Richard Grenell: ‏Liberals shocked to see the House bill has bipartisan support. MSM isn't telling them.