Thursday, June 6, 2013

"We Have The Elements Of A Police State Here"

Mark Levin On NSA Tracking: "We Have The Elements Of A Police State Here" - Real Clear Politics

Nationally-syndicated radio show titan Mark Levin got enraged over recent news about the NSA tracking phone records of Verizon customers during his appearance on Neil Cavuto's FOX News show on Thursday afternoon.

"We have the elements of a police state here, and I'm not overstating it," Levin said.

"That's not how national security works! I don't care what the Supreme Court said 30 years ago or what some judge said 15 minutes ago," Levin said. "This is America, and our government is collecting way too damn much data on we the private citizens!"

Spy Games & Double Standards - Matthew Vadum/FrontPage

As details of President Obama’s massive domestic spying operation continue to dribble out into the public domain, the Left for the most part is quiet and the relentless cries of “fascism!” we heard all throughout George W. Bush’s presidency are absent. There are no riots in the streets. No rowdy Occupy Wall Street-sponsored demonstrations. No candlelight vigils.

When news of Obama’s warrantless surveillance program on steroids broke this week, except for Al Gore, Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers, and a handful of the more utopian leftists, the Left has been largely silent on these abuses.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who turns 80 this month, seems to be suffering from retrograde amnesia, having tossed away her worries about the NSA program. The senator defended the program, which is much more far-reaching that anything Bush ever dreamed of, saying “I think people want the homeland kept safe to the extent we can.”

Just seven years ago, Feinstein angrily denounced President Bush for his warrantless surveillance program. “I believe we are on our way to a major constitutional confrontation on Fourth Amendment guarantees of unreasonable search and seizure.”

As recently as March, senior Obama administration officials denied the government was spying on large swaths of the American public.