Thursday, March 7, 2013

Colorado Republicans Planning Rand Paul-Esque Filibuster Over Tough Gun Control Legislation

Colorado lawmakers are currently considering some of the toughest gun control legislation in the country, including a “assault weapons liability” law (making “assault weapons” manufacturers and retailers responsible for crimes), a high-capacity magazine ban, mandatory background check fees, gun restrictions for domestic violence offenders, ban on concealed carry on college campuses, and universal background checks. - Jason Howerton/The Blaze @jason_howerton

The Colorado Senate is set to debate seven gun control proposals on Friday, but don’t expect a speedy resolution. KDVR-TV reports that state Senate Republicans are planning a Rand Paul-esque filibuster to protest the legislation. The bold move could push the floor debate on the seven gun control bills into Saturday and even Sunday.

...There are 20 Democrats in the 35-member state Senate. With 18 votes needed to pass any bill, no votes from just three Democratic senators would kill any of these bills.

Right now, two Democrats are planning to vote against three of them.

Keep Colorado free: State GOP lawmakers plan filibuster on gun-grab bills - Michelle Malkin

The action starts at 9am Mountain time. Follow ◼ #coleg and ◼ @ColoSenGOP for live tweets. ◼ Twitchy will have full coverage.