Saturday, February 16, 2013

Obama’s ‘Pay Hike’ Executive Order Overturned With Passage of House Bill 273

One of the U.S. Congress’ rising young Republican stars, Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis, has just seen his first piece of legislation pass in the U.S. House of Representatives by a 261-154 bipartisan vote.

DeSantis’ H.R. 273 bill was supported by 43 of the President’s supposed Democrat ‘friends’ in the House of Representatives

The take away here is that the bill overturns President Obama’s executive order that implemented “an across-the-board pay hike for non-military federal employees, including Members of Congress, members of the President’s cabinet and the Vice President, Joe Biden.’ This is significant because it sends a message to President Obama that he needs to tread lightly and not continue the egregious overstepping of his powers as President.

According to DeSantis, his bill will save the American taxpayer $11 billion in new spending over the next decade.