Thursday, February 14, 2013

Humboldt Tea Party: Meeting Location Change!!!!

Location has been changed back to the Eureka Veterans Building as the Water District meeting is expected to run into our meeting time!!!

Please let everyone know!!!!

Thank you!!!

Please come to the regular meeting on February 14th (2nd Thursday) at 6:00 pm at our NEW MEETING PLACE: The Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District’s conference room at 828 – 7th St ( corner of 7th & J) in Eureka.

Debbie Provolt will be our speaker. Debbie will update us on the General Plan, Shaded Parcels, lawsuit filed by HumCPR and she will take questions.

Participate in strategizing as we regroup and reinvent ourselves. You and your ideas are critical.

In order to make a difference we need folks to stand up, be counted and participate. Working together we can make changes; it only takes 10% of the population to make a difference.

Some ideas for the future include partnering with certain other local, established organizations to focus on a few community issues, such as: Humboldt TaxPayers League regarding County Supervisors’ salaries; Howard Jarvis group regarding Proposition 13 and the Fire Fee lawsuit; HumCPR regarding shaded parcel issues and the General Plan.

The Board of Directors and Officers will meet again in six months to review progress and assess participation as it relates to sustaining viability of the club. We need the continued, vigorous involvement of longtime members, plus that of new participants to sustain the organization.

Humboldt Tea Party Patriots