Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Obama is already blathering about more tax increases, because when you’re spending like an insane Roman Emperor, then you’re going to need a lot of tax hikes to at least make it look to your supporters like you’re not completely insane. None of these tax hikes have even come close to reducing the deficit, instead we’re looking at a 20+ trillion dollar deficit before too long.

Three years ago, when Pelosi held the Senate, Democrats were sneering at the Senate as the “House of Lords”. Now the House of Lords has delivered a bill chock full of spending and short on spending cuts, and the House of Commoners appears to be holding the line. - Daniel Greenfield/Front Page Magazine

This battle is a good thing and it may end up doing for the Republican Party in 2014 what the ObamaCare debate did in 2010 by giving the Republican Party renewed energy and fight after a loss. And Obama’s obnoxious behavior may be backfiring by leading to the backlash ahead of schedule...