Friday, January 4, 2013

CFRW Capitol Update

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to dysfunctional California politics! The Legislature officially reconvenes on Monday, yet Governor Brown and his cronies have already managed to mismanage our government.

An investigation into the State Parks and Recreation department secret funds debacle have found that Parks officials were deliberately and intentionally hiding their surplus money over many years. The State Parks and Recreation department were able to conceal $54 million in two secret funds for over 12 years.

In yet another fiasco, the “fiscal cliff” agreement in Congress left California $45 million short of their June budget projection. As a part of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, Congress abolished the state inheritance tax credit. With the 2010 Bush tax cuts set to expire, Governor Brown and the legislature were counting on a new income of federal tax transfers. But since Congress permanently blocked the inheritance credits for states, Governor Brown will not be receiving the $45 million he was counting on to help balance the budget.

This is just the beginning of short-sidedness for this Democrat super majority. Stay tuned!

President’s Message

Dear CFRW Members,

Welcome to "2013 Year of the CFRW Woman". We need to take ownership this year of our party. We need you at our 2013 Winter Conference to share your ideas at our interactive workshops. This is your organization and without your input we will not grow and be effective.

We need to learn how to reach women of all ages, ethnicities and heritages. We need to learn how best to get our message out to the public. We need to learn when elections are held regarding voter integrity. On Friday of our conference we will hold a "Leadership Workshop" to prepare you to looking forward to being leaders within your own clubs and the Federation.

We have been told over and over again, that we are the life blood of the party. Well, truth be told, we are the heart and soul. This is our year, but only if you are willing to step forward to being motivated and educated. Help us to meet your needs. Let us know what you are looking for and expecting from CFRW.

As the old WWII logo, "Uncle Sam Needs You," brought many into the armed services, our motto is, "CFRW NEEDS YOU NOW!"

Please log into the CFRW Web Site and download the 2013 CFRW Winter Conference Registration form and information. When calling the Marriott for your hotel reservation, please inform them you are attending the CFRW Conference to receive your discount room reservations.



Carol Hadley
CFRW President

CFRW Conference in San Diego!

Our CFRW Winter Conference in is sunny San Diego this February 8-10 and you won’t want to miss it! For more information on our website, ◼ CLICK HERE! This is the time for us to get motivated and start rebuilding our Republican brand! Californians need to know that Republicans are not the evil people the media tells them we are. We are the true party of hope and change. Join us and sign up today!

Ambassador Event!

You wont want to miss yet another exciting Amabassdor's Event. Olivia McCaffery had us dancing in the streets with her last event, so you know this one will be a hit! ◼ Click HERE for more information. Our Ambassadors are special CFRW members who help to keep our CFRW Advocate and her office up and running. Without our Ambassadors, we wouldn't have our unique connection in the Capitol! Please consider becoming an Ambassador and recieve free entry into our Ambassador events as well as other perks throughout there year. ◼ CLICK HERE! for more information.