Monday, December 10, 2012

The Rice vs Kerry battle has wider implications. An open Senate seat can mean an opportunity for Scott Brown to get back into the Senate.

Did Hillary Put One Over Obama One Last Time? - Daniel Greenfield/Front Page

If Susan Rice fails to become the next Secretary of State it will be due less to Republican Senators and more to the quiet civil war of staffers that has been raging inside the Obama Administration for the last four years. While Obama’s people have retained most of their hold on domestic policy, foreign policy has been slipping into the hands of Clinton loyalists. And with Hillary Clinton leaving, allowing her position to fall into the hands of the woman who betrayed her would be a reversal of the Clintonization of Obama’s foreign policy....

The Clintons know that an attack from the right will have no traction, that is why they instead veered to the left, targeting Rice on Keystone. They know that attacking a black Obama loyalist is dangerous territory, so they outsourced the work to African hands who are calling Rice to account for her sympathy for African tyrants.

The endgame is to create another sticking points for the Democrats to make Rice seem not worth defending against the Republicans. It’s an effective pincer movement that may end up spelling the doom of Susan Rice’s career. Once you’ve tried to get through the gate and failed, the resistance to trying a second time will be far higher.

Orchestrating John Kerry’s closing number as Secretary of State would give the Clintons a moral and political victory, while humiliating the Obama loyalists one more time. The Clintons are hardly conservative, about as much as Kerry is, but in the face of the radical left that is now running things, they tend to look it and have staked out that corner of the office. Foreign policy, particularly Iraq, was where Obama picked his fight with Hillary Clinton. Hijacking Obama’s foreign policy has been Hillary’s revenge.

The editorials are already lining up.