Monday, December 10, 2012

Bowles: We Have to Cut Spending

Office of Speaker Boehner: While President Obama is demanding tax rate hikes on small businesses, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff and Democrat Erskine Bowles told CBS Face the Nation, "We have to cut spending." ... "Even if you raise the top rates back to the Clinton rates, that only creates about $400 billion over 10 years. That's $40 billion a year. We have a trillion dollar a year deficit," said Bowles. And the spending cuts offered by the president - which are dwarfed by the new 'stimulus' spending he proposes - are "not enough. We're going to have to do more."

At a press conference (Dec. 7), House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) said there is no progress to report on fiscal cliff talks, in light of the White House's refusal to respond to Republicans' balanced approach to avert the fiscal cliff...

Dec. 5: Speaker Boehner and House Republican leaders just finished up a meeting with small business owners who will get hit if President Obama raises tax rates instead of cutting spending. A former small business owner, Boehner kicked off the discussion by outlining the consequences of the president's tax rate hikes, and Republicans' responsible efforts to protect jobs.

POLL: 76% Favor 'Cutting Government Spending Across the Board'... - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard


A new Pew poll shows that a majority of Americans—53 percent—will blame the GOP if we go over the fiscal cliff. But the dirty secret of the sequester is that it would be devastating for Democrats too, and particularly Obama, since the plan leads clearly back to him.

Little interest in renewing payroll-tax holiday - Seth McLaughlin/Washington Times