Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gingrich Continues Climb by Praising Fellow Republicans, Blasting Obama

Gingrich did more than talk about the strength of his own policy ideas, but went out of his way to demonstrate the strengths and successes of the other primary contenders. - Jarrett Stepman/Human Events

He did this to show the strength of the Republican Party and conservative ideas in comparison to the policies of the Obama Administration.

Gingrich said of the Iowa event and the Republican primary, “This is a national conversation. It’s is an opportunity for the American people to talk about where we are, who we are, what we value and what we are trying to accomplish.”

What differentiated Gingrich’s speech from the other candidates who spoke at the dinner is that he pointed out not the differences between them, but the similarities and strengths that each individual brought to the Republican Party. Each of the candidates brings “unique things” and “unique characteristics” according to Gingrich.

...On top of heaping praise on his fellow competitors, Gingrich made sure to say that his campaign has more substance than any other campaign in “modern history”.

Gingrich is running on the strength of his ideas, and the ideas of fellow Republicans. Making the point that the country needs to be focused on changing course and adopting ideas that will truly turns things around, Gingrich is framing the race on superior governance and policies rather than personalities and personal distractions.

Gingrich brought up two reasons why the Republican electorate should and would nominate him.

I am the only candidate in this race, who at a national level, has balanced the budget four consecutive years, led an effort across the system for the first tax cut in sixteen years, led an effort which led unemployment to drop from 5.6 to 4.2 percent and created a national majority for the first time in forty years and the first re-elected national majority for the first time since 1928.

With scale of the problems that the country is dealing with, Gingrich made it entirely clear that America must have a president that fully understands how to conduct the business of government, including working with the legislative branch and building a national movement.

“What we are faced with is the results of a radical ideology, and an inexperienced and incompetent president.”
Newt Gingrich