Sunday, October 30, 2011

Democrats Charged in 'Massive' Voter Fraud Case

The Fox News Voter Fraud unit first reported the brazen allegations just over a year ago, with reports that absentee ballots and applications were forged to try to stuff the ballot box and steal an election. - FOX

The case involves absentee ballots from the Working Families Party primary in September of 2009 for the Troy City Council and Rensselaer County legislature. It has been alleged the signatures and absentee excuses of unsuspecting voters were forged, all to ensure the Democratic candidates also won the Working Families Party line. Democratic candidates in New York State often run as Working Families Party hopefuls.

Two Democrats indicted in Troy ballot scam case - TimesUnion

County Democratic Chairman Thomas Wade pointed out that in the 2009 elections, when the absentee ballot scandal became public, Democrats took seven of nine City Council seats and unseated five city Republicans on the County Legislature....

The State Police investigation was carried out over the last two years.

The men are accused of systematically forging signatures on absentee ballots at either the county office building or somewhere in the city during the buildup to the Sept. 15, 2009 Working Families Party primary. Many of the questionable ballots were filed under the names of students and some of the city's poorest residents, many who live in Troy Housing Authority apartments.

[Special Prosecutor Trey] Smith even collected DNA samples from the majority of the Troy City Council and others, which were compared to samples taken from absentee ballots and applications. Those swabbed include five City Councilmen, among them the Council President, as well as four other public officials and political operatives. - afpohio

The slowly ticking bombshell involving the alleged forgery of absentee ballots by Democrats detonated Thursday, and could end up taking most of the City Council's majority out in the next several months. - TroyPoliticsBlog (includes more links)