Monday, October 24, 2011

Obama's new slogan is being promoted/mocked on Twitter with the hashtag #wecantwait

Out: Pass This Jobs Bill! — In: We Can’t Wait! - Michelle Malkin

“Pass this jobs bill” has been abandoned in favor of something with a little more urgency: “We can’t wait!” It’s called “We can’t wait” because “Who needs Congress” sounded too brazen.

Republicans agree, #wecantwait - Charlie Spiering/Washington Examiner

Nimble Republican operatives quickly 'hijacked' the hashtag as supporters picked up on it and spread their own "We can't wait" messages across Twitter today.

@rnc: #WeCantWait for 2012.

@reincepriebus: #WeCantWait to make @BarackObama a one-term president.

Speaker John Boehner: #WeCantWait for POTUS & Democrats to work with Republicans to find common ground #4jobs

@tommccammon: #WeCantWait another 910 days for Senate Dems to pass a budget.