Saturday, October 1, 2011

Democrat's Solar Fire Sale: All Taxpayer Money Must Go!

With Fund for Companies Like Solyndra About to Expire, Democrats are Rushing to Mint More Solyndra-Like Loan Guarantees Before the Clock Runs Out on Friday - NRCC

(Friday was) the last day of stimulus funding for the loan guarantee program that infamously backed now-bankrupt Solyndra with a $535 million loan—and Obama’s Department of Energy is doing its best to make sure there’s no money left in the bank when the fund expires at midnight.

Democrats appear to have learned nothing from the Solyndra fiasco, which was similarly characterized by a rush to issue loans before they were properly vetted to make sure taxpayers were protected.

Instead, a troublesome pattern is emerging of Obama energy loans going to long-time Democrat donors, a number of whom have deep ties to the Obama administration and Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi.