Monday, September 26, 2011

Random House's expensive legal headache: Palin stalker Joe McGinniss

Attorneys representing former Alaska governor Sarah Palin have written to Crown Publishing, a division of Random House, serving notice of possible litigation for defamation in connection with Joe McGinniss’s recent anti-Palin biography, and warning the company not to delete or destroy relevant documents. - Michelle Malkin
Gov. Sarah Palin Sends Letter to Crown/Random House, Warns Not to Destroy Documents Ahead of Potential Defamation Suit - Breitbart's Big Government

The letter...reads, in part: ...since both your company, and the author, clearly knew the statements were false, admitted they had no basis in fact or reality, but decided to publish in order to harm Governor Palin’s family, you and Mr. McGinniss have defamed the Palins. This letter shall serve as written notice under AS.09.30.070 (b) that a claim may be brought against you, your company and Mr. McGinniss for knowingly publishing false statements.

In the interim, please take note of the following: It is unlawful to delete emails or destroy records upon being notified of the need of business records for litigation purposes....

Not a ‘Threat’: Palin Lawyer Gives McGinniss, Random House Legal Notice - The Other McCain
Sue, Sarah, Sue? No. - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion