Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Not so fast. House to re-vote on GOP tax bill

...Democrats say some technical elements of the House bill violate Senate rules. In order to comply with those rules, the Senate will have to remove those elements from the bill. That will make it necessary for the House to vote again Wednesday on the final final-version of the bill....

...Several provisions in the House-passed overhaul appear to violate the procedural rules of the Senate, according to Democrats, and the Senate will need to vote on whether to waive the rules and keep those provisions in the bill, which takes 60 votes. Republicans will most likely lose those votes, striking the contested provisions from the bill and changing the language of the legislation. After the bill gets a final stamp of approval in the Senate, the bill will return to the house for a revote, likely Wednesday morning.

One possible violation involves the use of 529 savings accounts for home-schooling. Another possible violation exempts colleges from a new endowment tax if they have fewer than 500 students paying tuition. Another objection appears technical in nature, as the bill repeals a section by its number, instead of the title of the section.

So it looks like the drama won’t end tonight. The White House was reportedly planning for a signing ceremony tomorrow. It’s not clear if that will now be postponed because of the House re-vote.