Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Just watch the first minute or so, because it’s a lesson in how to herd a confused audience that’s been exposed to Dems slamming the FBI director for quite some and now doesn’t quite know what to think at this point.

Colbert gets audience to completely change opinion about Comey firing in a mere 60 seconds - Michelle Malkin

You might have heard of the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” and this is “How to Train Your Studio Audience”:

Stephen Colbert Corrects Audience's Incorrect Thinking - The People's Cube

Last week we wanted him fired? So what! Last week’s truth is not The Current Truth™ .
Are they truly not aware of The Current Truth™ that Comey is a martyr in the face of Trump’s capitalist excess and counter-revolutionary dogmatism? That Comey is now a hero of the people? A true revolutionary?

Or is the audience filled with wreckers, kulaks, enemies, saboteurs, parasites, and Mondayists who are out to subvert the will of the people and humiliate the party?