Friday, May 12, 2017

HAPPENING TODAY - We launch phase 1 of the campaign against the Car Tax hike - ending the Dems Super-Majority

A grassroots coalition led by former San Diego City Councilman and current KOGO radio host Carl DeMaio DeMaio and KFI radio hosts John and Ken is kicking off a massive voter signature collection effort this week as part of a campaign to roll back the recent Car and Gas Tax hike enacted by Sacramento politicians. (Event details below)

The campaign is using what it calls the “Gazelle Strategy” to stop the tax hikes because the campaign strategically targets weak state legislators who voted for the taxes to recall them one-by-one and coordinates grassroots activists and funding from around the state to be successful in each individual recall. The campaign is working in three stages:

  • Phase 1 – End Super-Majority: Recall from office State Senator Josh Newman (D) who cast the deciding vote for the tax hikes – a move that would end the Super-Majority of the Democrats to raise taxes.
  • Phase 2 – Roll Back the Taxes: Give the legislature 30 days to rescind the car and gas tax or file additional Recall Initiatives against 3-5 additional State Senators who are deemed vulnerable.
  • Phase 3 – Fix the Roads: Pass a state-wide ballot initiative in 2018 to impose accountability on transportation funds and fix roads without a tax hike.
  • Phase 1 of the campaign commenced today when the California Secretary of State formally informed the campaign that it could legally begin collecting the roughly 63,000 signatures it needs to recall Newman from office....