Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Exclusive: Mason Weaver says it was past time for Republicans to no nuclear in Senate...

Because the Republican Party still believes they can work with, find common ground with and reach out to Democrats. Democrats, who have delayed President Trumps’ Cabinet appointees, launched a phony “Russian” probe and constantly call names, attacking and organizing against the Trump administration.

What hope would you have in finding common ground with someone throwing bricks at your head? Where can we find any evidence of a cooperative DNC, moderate Democrats in Congress or the “fake news,” trying to work things out with us?

They have spent ALL of their efforts planning, organizing and raising money to disrupt and delegitimize the current government. We see calls for impeachment, cursing out the president by the DNC chairman, and support for sanctuary cities and other illegal actions at the grass-roots level. What we have not seen is cooperation, debates, reaching out or any attempt to find common ground.

Democrats have sent in their warriors while we are still sending in our diplomats. It was past time Thursday to launch the nuclear option and get to governing our nation. We have to repair nine years of neglect, wasteful spending, debilitating taxes, regulations and the funding of our enemies. We have to rebuild our military, correct the failed education system and put Americans back to work.

What we do not have time for is the silly delay games from our sworn enemies....