Thursday, February 23, 2017

The 'Factual Feminist' debunks stats about sexual assault and the wage gap

...According to her research, 78% of people lost to suicide are male, 93% of federal inmates are male, men receive 63% longer prison sentences for the same crime and about 60% of homeless individuals are male.

She also notes that men are more likely to serve in dangerous active duty combat, and that they live five years less than women, on average.

“Men have to be the only oppressor class in history who are less educated, more victimized and have shorter lives than those they oppress,” she claims.

Hoff Sommers takes her analysis of gender issues to college campuses. She has given speeches at Wellesley, Bucknell, Georgetown and dozens of other schools across the nation.

No stranger to controversy, her lectures often explicitly condemn campus feminism, which she sees as having a “cult-like effect on certain students.”

Feminism “draws them in with false claims about how oppressed nearly everyone is in the ‘capitalist, heteronormative, patriarchy,’” she said. “Some become angry and rancorous and have no compunction about bullying other students.”

Her views are so controversial that students often protest her lectures — even before they have heard her speak.

When students at California State-Los Angeles discovered that Hoff Sommers was coming to campus last semester, some were not happy.

Two students were caught on film tearing down fliers for the event. “This is my freedom of speech,” said one student, who alleged that the fliers were “offensive.” ...