Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wikileaks Reveals Hillary Lied About Marines Rejecting Her Because She Was a Woman

One of the earliest reports on Hillary’s rejection claim came from The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, who in 1994 reported Clinton’s claims as delivered at an event meant to honor military women hosted at the Capital in Washington D.C.

Dowd reported that Hillary told those gathered that she was rejected by the Marines because she was a woman. Dowd wrote that in 1975, the year she married Bill Clinton and when she was teaching at the University of Arkansas law school in Fayetteville, Hillary said she went to the Marines to see if she could sign up.
She was 27 then, she said, and the Marine recruiter was about 21. She was interested in joining either the active forces or the reserves, she recalled, but was swiftly rebuffed by the recruiter, who took a dim view of her age and her thick glasses. ‘Not Very Encouraging.’

“You’re too old, you can’t see and you’re a woman,” Mrs. Clinton said she was told, adding that the recruiter dismissed her by suggesting she try the Army. “Maybe the dogs would take you,” she recalled the recruiter saying.

“It was not a very encouraging conversation,” she said. “I decided maybe I’ll look for another way to serve my country.”
It was a story that Clinton would tell for years.

However, it appears that in some of the more recent speeches Hillary was paid millions to deliver to banks and corporations she contradicted that long time story about how the Marines so abrasively rejected her.

According to transcripts released by Wikileaks, in a speech at the annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical Pathology in September of 2013, Hillary had a completely different story than she gave in the Capital in 1994.