Thursday, September 8, 2016

Trump Stays Presidential

Just as Lauer tried to portray Trump as a loose cannon, he stopped – at least for the time being – giving his enemies ammunition.

The attempt seemed to fall flat because a more disciplined Trump has recently begun coming across in public as more of a presidential figure and less as an eccentric, shoot-from-the-hip billionaire. Trump has helped himself dramatically with his more focused attacks on Democrat Hillary Clinton and his visit last week to Mexico City. The meeting with President Enrique Peña was a public relations disaster for Mexico that has claimed the scalp of at least one government official there.

The forum came hours after Trump delivered a major, serious speech on foreign policy and military matters. He vowed to revitalize the military and pointed an accusing finger at the catastrophic foreign policy course set by President Obama and Clinton, his (Obama's)former secretary of state....

During her half-hour segment at the forum, Clinton, who hasn’t held a proper press conference in nine months, was forced to articulate her views in public. To no one’s surprise, she attacked Trump repeatedly as unpresidential.