Friday, October 3, 2014

Mona Charen: "Feminists have been lying to women for decades, thereby contributing to the “rape culture” they now decry."

Women Lying to Women - Mona Charen/Townhall

There's really only one thing that progressives get wrong: human nature. This leads them into error on economics, where they imagine they can micromanage billions of individual decisions every day; foreign policy, in which they overestimate the appeal of "talks" and underestimate the ferocity and opportunism of aggressors; and sex, in which, well, where to begin?

...For all of their bold talk about empowerment, feminists seem always to demand that they not be forced to deal with reality. They preach to young women that they're just like men sexually, and when they find, to their horror, that lots of women are getting raped, they respond that women shouldn't be cautious about who they get drunk with; men should "be taught not to rape."

Imagine you're an administrator at a college near a really bad neighborhood. Do you warn the students about the nature of the neighborhood and urge them to travel in groups, stay away from certain streets after dark and keep their cellphones with them in case of danger? Or do you tell them the neighborhood is fine, just like the suburb in which they grew up? And when students get robbed, raped or murdered in those neighborhoods, do you insist that the message was fine, that we just have to teach people not to commit crimes?
Feminists have been lying to women for decades, thereby contributing to the "rape culture" they now decry.