Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Obama Bounce Fades

The post convention bounce that led to jubilation in the mainstream media has exhausted itself and Romney is coming back strongly. - Dick Morris

aving shown Obama as much as four points ahead of Romney in the immediate aftermath of the Conventions, Rasmussen now has the president down to a one point margin: Obama: 46 Romney: 45.
Instead, the fundamental flaws of the Democratic strategy are emerging: By tying the race to unrealistic expectations of economic recovery, Obama has mortgaged his re-election campaign to the dismal monthly and weekly economic data that assaults us constantly.
And the days after his convention recessed have not been good for President Obama. Instead of strong executive leadership, we are seeing a world and a country in chaos while the president campaigns.
• Libya, which we liberated at a cost of over one billion dollars and at the risk of our military men and women, now fails to protect our embassy against Islamist extremists. Our ambassador is assassinated in a terrorist attack....

Everywhere we see, in ruins, Obama’s plans for our country. His foreign policy has encouraged revolutions that have brought our worst enemies to power in the Middle East while his environmental policies have tried — fortunately without success — to limit our domestic production of energy. His education reforms have no teeth and he sits by passively as they are challenged by his own local teachers union.
Credit much of the quick end to his bounce to Romney’s ads which, right off the bat after the Democratic Convention closed, rapped Obama for trying to convince us that we are better off than we were four years ago. Obama’s campaign essentially poses the question: What will you believe — your own eyes or my speeches?
And the polls show that the spellbinding power of his teleprompter-eloquence has a shorter and shorter half life. More, at the link.