Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing Now: Hail to Us Chiefs

HOW did the one formerly known as The One go for two? - Maureen Dowd/NYT

In his renomination acceptance speech here on Thursday night, he told us that America’s problems were tougher to solve than he had originally thought.

And that’s why he has kindly agreed to give us more time.

Because, after all, it’s our fault....

Our forbearing leader didn’t pander to us with that standard breakup line: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

He gave it to us straight: It’s not me, it’s you....

As the president told us, “our destinies are bound together.” So we have to stop holding him back when he’s trying to go “Forward.”

“Hillary was Right” says….Maureen Dowd? - NoQuarter

What Dowd’s writing tells me is that she knew the truth from the beginning – she spotted the arrogance, the disdain, the hands off style and the obfuscation four years ago and yet she touted Mr. Obama anyway in order to serve her insatiable need to punish Hillary with the trashiest words she could muster. Perhaps she, too, just had her marching orders.

Since, as you all know, this is a drum I never tire of beating, I have saved the best for last. Thanks, Mo, for having your come to Jesus moment, however temporary, and for all the good it does now:
What a drag to realize that Hillary was right: big rallies and pretty words don’t always get you where you want to go.