Monday, July 23, 2012

Scott Brown: Let America Be America Again

New Republican Ad Uses Democrats To Oppose Democrats - Independent Journal

John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Lyndon B. Johnson, and (Republican) Ronald Reagan tell how they believe a free enterprise system will help businesses succeed, and then you have Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren just ranting about how the government should be thanked. This web ad could serve to crush Warren in the Senate race and be a very effective ‘guide’ – if you will – for Romney to use in attacking Obama.

With the presidential election getting increasingly negative, Republicans may be well served to feature some Democratic All-Stars in their own ads to make their own points. Can you imagine a Democrat trying to argue JFK’s statement that America should be a place in which “no government bureaucracy can put him out of business that he built up with his own initiative?”

It is pretty clear that Democrats of today aren’t the same as they have been, and they appear to be digging their own graves lately because of that. With quotes like these from Warren and Obama, Republicans will have advertising ammo for quite some time.