Monday, April 16, 2012

“Democratic-leaning” Super-PAC Run by Media Matters David Brock Attacks Romney

The laughable Obama effort to call for “transparency” from Mitt Romney is now being aided by a far-left PAC... - Jammie Wearing Fool

...American Bridge 21st Century was started by former journalist and liberal activist David Brock, who staffed the super PAC with former Hill staffers and employees of his nonprofit, Media Matters for America.

And hey, what about that transparency?

The group has not reported making any independent expenditures to the Federal Election Commission, but the group has published a number of anti-Romney videos on its website.

...Gee, I wonder who could be funding this outfit? And why isn’t the link to Media Matters mentioned?

(Via OpenSecrets) Here’s who’s paying for this shadowy group. You’ll notice the unions are the biggest donor. Curiously, there’s an oil company president who gave $150,000. Who knew Media Matters was in bed with Big Oil?

By the way, they’ve already blown through $4.5 million.

Maybe this explains the dishonest reporting.

Much of the organization’s most effective work goes on behind the scenes, as it quietly feeds material to reporters all over the country.

Most of what they do seems to be hush-hush.

Maybe American Bridge 21st Century Super PAC Is Hub of Left - Roll Call