Thursday, February 9, 2012

L.A. Board of Supervisors Impose $1,000 Fine for Having Fun on the Beach

The Board of Supervisors this week agreed to raise fines to up to $1,000 for anyone who throws a football or a Frisbee on any beach in Los Angeles County. - Michelle Malkin

The updated rules now prohibit “any person to cast, toss, throw, kick or roll” any object other than a beach ball or volleyball “upon or over any beach” between Memorial Day and Labor Day.... Digging holes in the sand over 18 inches deep is also prohibited...

Los Angeles County Bans Frisbees on Beaches - Moonbattery

The scopious ordinance also forbids kids with little plastic shovels from digging any hole deeper than 18 inches in the sand. Think of the jobs that will be created as nearly bankrupt LA County hires regulators equipped with yardsticks to monitor the excavation of sand castle moats.