Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Successfully Writing a Letter to the Editor

NFRW Public Relations

The NFRW Letter to the Editor campaign was designed to encourage states and clubs to submit letters to their local newspapers that editors will publish.


Our goal is to show support for Republican candidates and elected officials, Republican principles and issues, the Republican Party, the National Federation of Republican Women and its states and clubs.


1. Make sure to use talking points.
The NFRW Political Briefing offers weekly talking points that will help you as you write your letter.

2. Make sure it has an interesting opening.
Your first sentence should capture the attention of the editor. Additionally, the first sentence needs to explain why you are writing.

3. Make it short.
Generally speaking, use less than 200 words. Newspapers limit the number of words that can be printed in each section.

4. Make it simple.
Pick one topic, and stay focused and on-point.

5. Make it personal.
Tell the editor how this affects you, your family, your community, etc.

6. Make it relevant and timely.
Write a letter that is relevant! Make sure you are responding to a current event.

7. Make sure you check your grammar and spelling.
Check to make sure your spelling is correct and that the submission is grammatically accurate.

8. Make sure to include contact information.
Always include your contact information. All too often, special interest groups are sending form letters to the editor. Make it known that you are a concerned citizen.

9. Make sure you submit it multiple ways.
Be savvy. Use e-mail, fax and mail to get your message delivered.

10. Follow up.
Call the publication to follow up on your letter.

ALSO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING: If you are able to naturally work the name of your local Republican women's club or the NFRW into the text of your letter, please do so. Whenever appropriate, sign your name as a member (or officer) of your local Republican women's club or state Federation. While our goal is to support Republican leaders and issues, we also want the Federation to receive recognition whenever possible.

Avoid overloading media outlets with too many letters. Reserve your letters for those issues about which you feel most passionate.

When conducting a letter-writing campaign, encourage members to use their own words instead of a form letter. When a newspaper receives several letters all in the same or similar words, it recognizes an orchestrated campaign and will not print anything. Encourage members to express their own views in their own words.

If your letter is published, please let us know by posting it on the NFRW Blog.

For more information about the NFRW's public relations programs, contact the NFRW Communications Director at

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