Monday, September 1, 2008

President’s Message - September 2008

Summer is quickly coming to an end and the weather just keeps getting better! I really missed seeing you all in August but we needed to charge our batteries for the upcoming Presidential election. How about our choice for the first Republican Woman Vice President?
Is she hot or what? I am so impressed with her and can’t wait to work on the McCain/Palin campaign. Her acceptance speech was a home run! I am chairman for the Woman’s Coalition for
McCain and am looking for volunteers to phone bank and work for the ticket.

I am excited about this month’s speaker, Haider Agina. I also want to thank Frank Jager for addressing our group last month and was sorry that I had to miss the meeting because of my broken foot. Thanks and kudos to Margaret Stafford for stepping up to the plate.

Hope to see you all at the Red Lion on September 18th BY JOY FINLEY