Friday, March 23, 2018

Capitol Update
Friday, March 23, 2018

Miracle March… Down the Drain

All over our state we have had a very wet March. Rainy seasons like this are important to stave off the impacts of droughts, but only if we have the infrastructure to capture the rain and snow-pack run-off that a season like this provides. The California Water Commission still has not moved on the groundbreaking of two essential water storage projects: The Sites Reservoir and the Temperance Flats Reservoir. Although Prop 1, back in 2014, did not specify which water storage projects the California Water Commission would approve, these two projects are the most logical and furthest along for our state. The California Water Commission is dragging their feet and sitting on funds at the expense of us all. We must contact the CWC and let them know that we haven’t forgotten about this critical water storage and we demand some action! ◼ CLICK HERE for a variety of ways to contact the Commission and its members. As another rainy season comes and goes, remind them that their inaction means our water goes down the drain!

Bill Update

AB 1745 (Ting, D): This bill would place a ban on ALL gas-powered vehicles by 2040. Assemblyman Ting and Governor Brown have floated this idea for years. But in Governor Brown’s last term in office, they see a golden opportunity. By 2040 and onward, AB 1745 would prohibit the DMV from registering any vehicle that was not zero emissions. It would only exclude commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,001 pounds. A mandate like this would be devasting for businesses and Californians alike. AB 1745 is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Transportation Committee on April 16th. Take a moment to call each member and ask them to VOTE NO on AB 1745. It is an unworkable, unfeasible regulation that would continue to drive businesses and families out of our state.

Assembly Transportation Committee

Jim Frazier (D, Chair): (916) 319-2011

Vince Fong (R, Vice Chair): (916) 319-2034

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D, 04): (916) 319-2004

Catherine Baker (R, 16): (916) 319-2016

Marc Berman (D, 24): (916) 319-2024

Kansen Chu (D, 25): (916) 319-2025

Tom Daly (D, 69): (916) 319-2069

Laura Friedman (D, 43): (916) 319-2043

Mike Gipson (D, 64): (916) 319-2064

Matthew Harper (R, 74): (916) 319-2074

Devon Mathis (R, 26): (916) 319-2026

Jose Medina (D, 61): (916) 319-2061

Adrin Nazarian (D, 46): (916) 319-2046

Patrick O’Donnell (D, 70): (916) 319-2070

Spring Recess

The legislature is officially on spring recess. They will reconvene on April 2nd. Last Friday was the deadline for two-year bills to be passed out of their house of origin. After spring recess is when the legislative session starts to move FAST. Soon it will be the May Revise of the Governor’s budget, and between now and then will be a bevvy of committee hearings! We will be asking for your action by contacting your representatives. Our voices, our opinions matter!

Sharing is Caring!

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