Saturday, June 10, 2017

What you need to know about the shocking U.K. election

Yesterday's snap general election in the United Kingdom produced a shocking result: a hung parliament. It's not what PM Theresa May expected when she called this election six weeks ago to strengthen her hand ahead of the formal Brexit negotiations — and the result might mean more political chaos for the country in the near future.

Where things stand right now:

  • May will remain as PM with a minority government headed by her Conservative Party. The Conservatives are discussing a pact with the right-wing Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party, but there is no formal coalition agreement yet.
  • After facing down a no-confidence vote triggered by his own MPs last year, this result is a huge success for the Labour Party's Jeremy Corbyn and his brand of left-wing politics.
  • Brexit is still on — the European Union has already begun trolling May — but its ultimate scope and structure is certainly in question.