Wednesday, April 5, 2017

CALIFORNIA is throwing a tantrum against TRUMP at the expense of its citizens.

...First, keep in mind that California has long set the agenda in America. It remains true to a significant degree that “as California goes, so goes the Nation.” Gay marriage is recent proof of that. Also, don’t forget that the San Francisco was ground zero for the sanctuary city movement that grips the Left and affects the whole Country.

Beyond those items, California’s high taxes, high poverty rate and poor job prospects has led many Californians to leave the state for other states. For those too poor to leave and those in poverty because of a lack of jobs brought on bad California policies, they are reliant on federal dollars for welfare, Medicare and the like. All combined, California has a disproportionately high number of welfare recipients – and you pay for that.

The list goes on. For years, Brown and the Democrats have refused to spend money on the upkeep of infrastructure in favor of their social justice plans. The recent storms wreaked havoc that should not have been but for deferred maintenance. Now federal dollars, your tax dollars, are paying for the repair.

All of the above is why you should care about California’s current drive to the Left. It is not just a political temper tantrum – it affects your state and your wallet. In other words, the Left Coast is not just a state of mind, it has a hefty price tag as well - and YOU are paying for it ever day.