Friday, March 10, 2017

Even the mainstream media skewered ‘A Day Without a Woman’ strike

In the end, even the New York Times admitted the strike’s failure on multiple fronts....

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times ran an op-ed calling the protest “A Day Without a Privileged Woman,” and predicting that few will actually join this “party.” It foresaw that the strike would “mostly be a day without women who can afford to skip work, shuffle childcare and household duties to someone else, and shop at stores that are likely to open at 10 and close at 5.”
The article concluded that women “are too essential to play hooky,” and that “the idea that women should take a day off en masse to make a political point is both self-defeating and vaguely insulting.”

Likewise, the New York Daily News encouraged women to “screw the Day Without a Woman” protest, which would “only end up with wealthy ladies taking the day off to protest while the women who work their asses off cleaning their houses, caring for their kids and every other by-the-hour day work, won’t be able to do the same because their bosses will be out protesting.” The article recommends the protest be scrapped and replaced with a “good old-fashioned sex strike.”