Monday, January 9, 2017

The Grapes of Liberal Winter: Obamas to leave Washington immediately after Trump inauguration

...Despite President Obama's public rhetoric, we never knew the man, for he used language to create a fog of misinformation around his life, his character and his intentions. He believed in class warfare -- the first weapon of Marxist ideology -- yet he spoke only of "hope and change," and there we listened. He brought a passion for political reforms that seemed irresistible, and many wanted to hear him; therefore, we gave him our trust, for we are a nation of good will. In this we were honest; he was not. We wanted to give this man a chance to succeed, to do the things he said he would do -- this man who spoke so well with words written by others. We remember his perverse ingratitude, as well as his arrogance, towards the working middle class, the very people who offered him their hopes for a better life. We wanted to believe in him; he did not wish to believe in us.

There is no good instruction in a lie. When Mr. Obama tried to explain the historic Democratic losses following the 2014 and 2016 elections, he would not admit their self-evident cause in the failure of his policies or his serial abuse of the public's trust but rather attributed these losses to "a failure of messaging." In other words, the Democrats, in his opinion, would not have lost the governorships, the Senate, the House, and the presidency if only established liberal voices had more forcibly articulated his message to the voters, and he scolded journalists for their failure in disseminating and explaining it....