Thursday, January 5, 2017

As Republicans prepare to repeal (and… replace?) the program as per their campaign promises, liberals are trotting out a golden oldie in the form of the Pottery Barn rule… you break it, you bought it. ...

...Trying to apply this analogy to Obamacare is a complete red herring and the Democrats should be called out on it immediately. Obamacare is not the pot… it’s also not the health care system. We had a functional, if highly problematic health care system in this country before the Affordable Care Act was passed and we will still have one when it’s gone. Far more to the point, Obamacare did not “fix” the healthcare system in this country. It blew it up in several significant ways, not least of which was the exponential increases in premium costs and the large number of healthcare providers who wound up kicking out their satisfied patients because they wouldn’t accept Obamacare coverage.

This isn’t just an apples and oranges situation.. it’s Venus and Mars. The Pottery Barn rule does not apply to Obamacare because the “pot” in question is already in pieces. The only options that the GOP have now are to sweep up the pieces and try to glue together something that will hold water until real, positive reforms which don’t further harm consumers can be put in place.