Monday, December 5, 2016

"The same people that voted for Trump ran into burning buildings and saved whoever the f**k they could"

...“Not everybody that voted for Trump is a racist,” Stewart said, mimicking remarks he made in November. “I don’t give a fuck what any of you say to me. You can yell it at me, you can tweet it at me. They’re not all racists. Or they’re not giving tacit support to a racist system. We all give tacit support to exploitative systems as long as they don’t affect us that badly.”...

Stewart scolded the media’s obsession with presidential politics.

“How long is the campaign? A year and a half? I assume [television media is] talking right now about who’s running in 2020,” he said. “They don’t give a flying fuck about governance, they care about campaigns and that’s where the fun is for them. That’s devastating. And not only is it devastating news-wise, it’s devastating to all of us.”

Stewart said America’s prolonged presidential campaigns promote division.

“Because if a campaign is too long, the fault lines between different tribes in our societies solidify,” he said, adding, “A campaign is 18-months-long and you’ve got to choose a side for 18 months and then a disagreement becomes an argument and an argument becomes a fight and a fight becomes a feud and a feud becomes a war.”