Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Good riddance, Harry Reid"

...Reid said that if there was a line in political warfare that he would not cross, he hadn't found it yet. Well, that's candid, if nothing else.

This is Reid's morality: Win, at any cost, by any means necessary. It's a toxic worldview, and his years as a Senate leader have poisoned the institution he professes to love....

These are but a few examples of Reid's amoral and disgraceful tenure. We could bring up other things, as when he called Obama's predecessor a "loser" and a "liar." We could mention the wealth he amassed in his decades of "public service", through investments and deals that again and again seemed to overlap with his activity as a legislator.

But what really makes Reid stand apart is his nihilistic pursuit of victory at all costs, with no regard for anyone else's good name, and certainly none for his own.

The Senate and political Washington are worse for Reid's service. We'll be ready to regret his departure from Capitol Hill when the nation no longer has reason to regret that he ever arrived there.