Friday, July 22, 2016

Ivanka Trump is the Anti-Bill Clinton

Two featured family members paint the convention choice between new and inspiring, old and tired

Ivanka Trump’s most striking quality is her boldness. Last night, at the GOP convention, she stood in front of thousands of Republican delegates — many of them hardcore partisans — and told them she isn’t “categorically Republican or Democrat.” Then, she delivered a speech that didn’t sound categorically Republican at all — there were no familiar talking points or conservative buzz words. She talked about equal pay and child care and she was cheered.

She looks like a Disney princess, speaks with pro-level poise, and is as smart as they come. She’s a successful business woman and a feminist — not a Clintonian, live-like-I-tell-you-to feminist but a life, liberty, pursuit of happiness feminist. The kind of feminist who doesn’t believe that feminism is a collectivist endeavor with rules that trickle down from the top but an individual endeavor, self-realized and self-regulated.

She’s a millennial, but she doesn’t fit the stereotype we’re getting used to. Her speech left people feeling optimistic about the future, and her talent did not go unnoticed:

Time Magazine tweeted an article declaring “Ivanka Trump steals the show.”...

In Ivanka's speech, she spoke about her father's "strong ethical compass." It's hard to imagine anyone uttering these words about Hillary Clinton, whose malfunctioning ethical compass was recently exposed by the FBI. It's even harder to imagine Bill Clinton being the one to utter them, given his many ethical failings. The Clinton's seem to find their way out of everything, but the compass they use has nothing to do with ethics.