Friday, March 6, 2015

California Republicans announce teacher evaluation, employment overhaul

Saying a major court decision that rejected California’s teacher employment rules compels them to act, Assembly Republicans on Wednesday unveiled a legislative package to overhaul how the state evaluates, dismisses and grants tenure to educators. - Sacramento Bee

...Assembly Republicans are touting a set of proposals echoing changes that have been attempted at the national level and in states across the country, often sparking fierce fights and antagonizing teachers unions. The bills will likely face a tough road in surmounting the California Teachers Association’s considerable clout in Sacramento.

The proposals include a bill repealing the “last in, first out” rule in which inexperienced teachers go first during budget-driven staff reductions; a bill extending from two years to three how long it takes to win tenure and allowing teachers to lose tenure if they receive poor evaluations; and a bill from Olsen, requiring annual teacher evaluations that incorporate test scores and student feedback and would give teachers one of four ratings (many districts now rate teachers simply satisfactory or not satisfactory).

“The evaluations that take place, if they do take place, are really meaningless,” Olsen said.