Friday, September 5, 2014

Neel Kashkari Hammers Brown in California Governor's Debate


"He's raising your gas prices to fund his vanity project, the high-speed train. What I call the crazy train." - Truth Revolt

In the first debate between Governor Jerry Brown and GOP challenger Neil Kashkari, Californians saw exactly why the 76-year-old Brown refuses to submit to a second debate. Kashkari, a business man and political neophyte, relentlessly hammered his career politician opponent on jobs and education leaving Brown appearing old, slow and unresponsive.

The performance was so one-sided even political analysts and the Left-wing San Jose Mercury News called it for Kashkari, easily:
Two veteran political analysts said they thought Kashkari won the debate.

"His answers were crisper and more direct," said Jack Pitney, a political science and government professor at Claremont McKenna College. "And he stayed on focus. He kept bringing the debate around to the topics he wanted to talk about, which were jobs and education."

Bill Whalen, a research fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution, said "the governor was not knocked down," but agreed that Kashkari did better in terms of style and points.

"He was more coherent than the governor," Whalen said. "More times than not, the governor went off into Jerry Brown mode where he was not answering the questions."
Calif. Gov. Brown burned by timing of Tesla decision in gubernatiorial debate - Washington Times

Tesla Motors’ decision Thursday to build its giant electric-car battery plant in Nevada instead of California came at an awkward moment for Gov. Jerry Brown.

The announcement was made hours before this year’s first and only California gubernatorial debate. Sure enough, the Democrat received an earful during the televised forum from Republican candidate Neel Kashkari about the exodus of companies from the Golden State.

“I don’t think Gov. Brown did nearly enough on Tesla and any number of businesses,” Mr. Kashkari said. “Gov. Brown frequently says, ‘Well, businesses come and go.’ It’s not businesses coming and going. It’s Tesla. It’s Toyota. It’s Schwab. It’s Nestle, on and on, and they’re all going. There’s a real problem.”

Two Bald Guys And Their Plastic Bags - FOX&HOUNDS

Kashkari. He won just by showing up and appearing on the same stage as Brown That provided more attention than he’s gotten in the campaign. But he did better than that. He was sharp, to the point and offered a critique of Brown that’s dead on—the governor is an incrementalist in times that require much bigger changes. His performance was strong enough that Brown complimented a few times on his salesmanship.

Brown. He was still breathing at the end of the debate, all but assuring that he’s winning a new term.


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Hey, did y’all watch the California Gubernatorial Debate last night? LoCO’s instareaction was that poor old Jerry Brown got creamed by crazy-eyed Republican slickster Neel Kashkari.

Brown kept awkwardly retreating back to his comparatively limp talking points — “Um, hey, what about your buddies at Goldman Sachs?” — whenever he felt at a loss, which was often. Kashkari, a Lex Luthor lookalike, kept possession of the ball pretty much throughout, peppering Brown on prison realignment, public pension reform, education, the water bond, the loss of Tesla — etc. Kind of brutal....


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