Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sonasoft denies providing IRS with e-mail backup services

Five years ago, Sonasoft promoted its data-retention services by claiming that the IRS trusted the company to back up its servers, and the agency contracted with Sonasoft for something until 2011. Last week, however, Sonasoft backed away from its 2009 claims, and now says that the contract never included services that would have archived e-mail servers - HotAir
...“To further clarify, no Division within IRS ever used Sonasoft’s email archiving software. Only a Division within the IRS used any Sonasoft product and that was our email replication software, not our archiving or backup software,” said Andy Khanna.
Phil Kerpen noted that this was a rather large oopsie for Sonasoft, considering its 2009 bragging:
Heckuva then-and-now; @Sonasoft says the IRS was NEVER a backup client. Just a marketing lie, then??? pic.twitter.com/YKPv7FVnZD
— Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) June 29, 2014
...There have been a number of curious reversals of late in the investigation of IRS targeting of the Obama administration’s political opponents, especially with the production of official records such as e-mail. This one should be fairly easy to resolve, at least in terms of the probe. The federal contract with Sonasoft and the payments made should be part of the public record, and the House Oversight Committee (or Ways and Means, which is performing a parallel probe) should be able to quickly determine whether Sonasoft is telling the truth about the contract scope and services rendered. Sonasoft’s credibility in its marketing will not be as easily remedied....

No one will get to the truth without subpoenas, testimony under oath, and the threat of perjury and obstruction charges. That won’t happen with this DoJ running interference for the IRS and the White House.