Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update: Overseas Coupon Project

◼ Update from Chris Wennerholm: On March 13th, we sent 2 boxes totaling $62,910. Our grand total since we started in November, 2009, is $408,279. Please give thanks to all who help with this worthy project.

Because our military families living overseas live at, or just above, the poverty level, HRWF decided to help support our troops by clipping 'manufacturer's coupons' for food and household items from newspapers and magazines and mailing them to an overseas military base. These coupons are honored at PXs on American bases around the world and help defray the cost of family living. (They are even honored several months after the expiration date.) This is a very worthwhile program we are proud to support.

As my late husband Bill was in the Air Force in WWII, in his memory, I chose a U.S. Air Force base in Okinawa, Japan, which had few sponsors. We may soon have to add another base or two as recipients due to the constantly growing volume of coupons we collect.

In November of 2009, the face value of our first mailing was $5,988; our three mailings in 2010 totaled $45,011; 2011 mailings totaled $54,184; our first 2012 mailing was $30, 504, for a grand total, to date, of $135,690. $408,279.

If you would like to help, here are the GUIDELINES FOR COUPONS:
1. Cut out and trim Manufacturer's Coupons only.
NO store coupons (like Target, Rite Aid, Safeway) and
NO restaurant coupons (like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc.)]
2. Sort into 2 piles: Food and Non-Food
(use 2 baggies or envelopes; label each).
3. FOOD includes: all food/beverages for humans,
candy, gum, mints, diet drinks, baby formula, drinks.
4. NON-FOOD includes: vitamins, drugs, dog food,
cat food, cosmetics, cleaning products, etc.
5. Add up the face value of coupons in each category.
For FREE items, check coupon for amount, such as
"Up to $2.99," etc.; otherwise, estimate.
6. Write total on each envelope. Bring to me, GOP
Headquarters, or the President at or before our next meeting.
Thank you all so much for your invaluable help with this project. It is greatly appreciated by our troops, by HRWF, and by me. Chris Wennerholm 725-2020.