Thursday, September 6, 2012


Several high-profile former supporters of President Barack Obama in 2008 announced on Thursday they have now switched to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. - Tony Lee/Breitbart

The group launched a petition online on the day Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention, hammering home the point that Obama let down many Democrats and independents who believed in his rhetoric of hope and change in 2008.

Former NBA and UNLV Runnin' Rebel basketball player Greg Anthony and former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis join Ashley Bell, Hall County Commissioner, Jane Edmonds, former Massachusetts Secretary of Workforce Development, and Barney Bishop, Former Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party, on the national leadership team.

"I supported him then, and I am disappointed now," Anthony lamented. "President Obama presented himself as a different kind of politician, but all we've seen from him is politics as usual in Washington. If we are going to turn this around, we need a turn-around specialist, not a politician. We need Mitt Romney, and I am proud to support him.”

Davis, the Obama 2008 co-chair who spoke at the Republican National Convention, said he's "seen enough from an administration that has run out of ideas to turn our economy around, that has no real solutions beyond raising taxes and growing government, and that has provided the most ideological presidency in my lifetime."

"The Obama White House and the Democratic Party are wrong on the issues of the day, and Mitt Romney is right," Davis said. "Governor Romney will reverse the flailing policies of the team in the White House.”

Bishop, the former Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party, said he was "a lifelong Democrat, but this election is too important to simply be about political parties."

“President Obama’s policies over the past four years have failed to deliver on his campaign promises," Bishop said. "At a moment when Americans are looking for someone who will offer practical solutions, [Romney's] experience turning around troubled situations, in both the public and private sector, uniquely qualifies him for the White House at this critical moment.”