Thursday, July 14, 2011

Over the last several days the White House has been walking back the savings on the Biden number. Thursday it was $2 trillion, Monday it was $1.7-1.8 trillion, Tuesday it was $1.6-1.7-1.8 trillion. This morning our staff met with White House folks and the wrap up from that meeting said that the WH is now at $1.5 trillion.

The backup to the backup - Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post
Given those figures, Eric (Cantor) pointed out that wherever we are — it’s a long way from the $2.4 trillion needed to meet House GOP goals of dollar for dollar so he suggested a possible short-term goal in order to avoid default. He then said to the President that since we can only reach so much in savings and you (President) keep moving the goalposts, I will move off my position of only doing one vote in order to avoid default.

The President then got heated. He said he was willing to explain and defend his position. Said he could get well above the numbers the GOP is talking about with revenue increases. Said he wouldn’t be afraid to veto and he will take that message and defend it to the American people. Said if we default it will be a tax increase on every American. Said it is his responsibility is to the American people. Said, I have reached the point where I say enough. Would Ronald Reagan be sitting here like this? I’ve reached my limit. This may bring my presidency down, but I will not yield on this.

Then stormed out of the room and said we’ll see you tomorrow.
The myth of Obama’s great temperament - Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post
Obama paints himself in heroic terms, decries his opponents as operating in bad faith, finds details inconvenient ( House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) characterizes the presidency slipperiness as “Jell-o”) and seems to have qualms about saying one thing in public (he’s offering entitlement cuts) and another in private (where are they?). “Facts” are used as an instrument (the tax hikes are only about millionaires and corporate jets) for getting his way.
Reid: Kick Cantor out - yahoo via Drudge