Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Letter from Loren Hanks

My Fellow Americans,
I'm asking for your help to get our message of limited government and fiscal discipline out to voters in the 1st Congressional District of California and beyond.

We've produced two professional videos, and we've attached them to our website. We need voters to take a look, and then spread the message further. We must draw attention to the fact that California is not the liberal bastion the pundits portray it to be. If it were, our entrenched incumbent would not pretend to be a fiscal conservative while he's here in the district, then vote with the most liberal members of Congress when he's back in Washington.

Until now, entrenched incumbents have had all the advantages - and they've been re-elected better than 90% of the time. Butthis time we have powerful solutions to those advantages - our motivation and our networking. At no time has our motivation to improve our government been higher. And, with that motivation and activism, comes networking that is unprecedented - through the TEA Party movement, Republican Women Federated efforts, and Internet affiliations.

Let's use these resources to build a better Congress. Please forward this to friends, neighbors and relatives, and ask them to take a look at our campaign, then forward our message.

The website is: Hanks For Congress

The videos on the website can be found: Web Ads - History and Platform

The 1st Congressional District is bigger than 8 states. I'm driving the wheels off my truck trying to meet all the residents. We will be buying radio ads next week, and, if we can raise $100,000, we will buy TV ads and get our message into voter's familyrooms. Web ads are the first great equalizer to the incumbent's million dollar campaign war chest. And if you like what you see on our web ads, please help us get that message on TV with a contribution! We've built the rocket, now we need the fuel to launch it.

This is a winnable race. So many jobs have been lost, so much land and water has been taken out of public use - and more takings are underway - that people are ready to break free and get back to a limited federal government. The country will do so on November 2nd. With your help, California's 1st District will be a part of that movement. Let's roll!
Loren Hanks