Tuesday, September 1, 2009

President’s Message - September 2009

Our successful hosting of Meg Whitman, candidate for governor of California, was a surprise event and put together in record time through the combined generous efforts of donors:
Harvey Harper, Green Diamond, Security National, George Peterson Insurance, and O & M Industries. Mike Harvey, devout Republican supporter and all-around great guy to work with, was hugely instrumental in the event’s success. Joy Finley and I had reason to be well pleased with the turnout of the membership on short notice. Our attendance matched the best count at a more urban location and well exceeded other points on the Whitman itinerary on their Northern California tour. A big thank you to all of those persons contributing to what was called “a big success.”

Other projects underway include the Sunday, October 4, Republican Picnic at the Moose Lodge on Campton Road. Please mark your calendars and save that day. Chuck De Vore, candidate for Barbara Boxer’s senate seat, has promised to attend and other invitations have been sent.. Our November 19 meeting will be a social event opening at 5:30 (more details to come), so please plan ahead on scheduling for this and a first showing of our new cookbooks.

Please remember your clothing contributions for the Soroptimists Battered Women’s Shelter and your coupons for the overseas military families. Helping hands are often most readily available on the ends of our own arms. BY COLLEEN HEDRICK