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January 2016 (PDF) Speaker: Debbie Bacigalupi

April 2015 (PDF)

January 2014 (PDF) Speaker: Elissa Wadleigh
February 2014 (PDF) Speaker: Frank Jager
March 2014 (PDF) Speaker: Dottie Linden
April 2014 (PDF) Spring Membership Tea
May 2014 (PDF) Speaker: Jenniffer LaParma
June 2014 (PDF) Speaker: Supervisor Rex Bohn
◼ July, August 2014: Summer Hiatus
September 2014 (PDF) Speaker: Stuart Scott
October 2014 (PDF)
November 2014 (PDF)

January 2013 (PDF) Speaker: Peter Hannaford
February 2013 (PDF) Speaker: Sheriff Mike Downey
March 2013 (PDF) Speaker: David Hull
April 2013 (PDF) Spring Membership Tea
May 2013 (PDF) Speaker: David Tyson
June 2013 (PDF) Speaker: Carolyn Crnich
◼ July, August 2013: Summer Hiatus
Sept 2013 (PDF) Speaker: Michelle Orrock
Oct 2013 (PDF) Speaker: Debbie Bacigalupi
Nov 2013 (PDF) Speaker: Orlean Koehle

January 2012 (PDF) Speaker: Fred Nelson
February 2012 (PDF) Speaker: Lt. Dave Morey
March 2012 (PDF) Speaker: Rabbi Nachum Shifren
April 2012 (PDF) Spring Tea! Welcome, new members!
May 2012 (PDF) Speaker: California Republican Party Chairman Tom Del Beccaro
June 2012 (PDF) Special Event Speaker: Peter Friedman
July 2012 (PDF) Speaker: Kay Backer
August 2012 (PDF) Volunteer Opportunities, Summer hiatus
September 2012 (PDF) Speaker: Gary Gundlach
October 2012 (PDF) Speakers: Candidates Barbara Hecathorn and Joe Bonino
November 2012 (PDF) - Election Issue
◼ December hiatus


January 2011 (PDF) Speaker: Kathryn Burleson "Honor Flight"
February 2011 (PDF) Speaker: John Grobey
March 2011 (PDF) Speaker: Orlean Koehle
April 2011 (PDF) Spring Tea! Welcome, new members!
May 2011 (PDF) Speaker: Andy Westfall
June 2011 (PDF) Speaker: Gene Owens
◼ July and August summer hiatus
September 2011 (PDF) Speaker: Eric Golub
October 2011 (PDF) Speaker: Susan Tully
November 2011 (PDF) Speaker: Gaylon Kastner

View all 2010 Issues
January 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Kay Backer
February 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Vee Sorenson, Dennis Hunter, Rose Welsh
March 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Dr. William Wagner
April 2010 (PDF) Spring Tea!
May 2010 (PDF) Candidate Forum
June 2010 (PDF) speaker: Richard G. Fields
July 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Rob Arkley
August 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Peter Hannaford
September 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Wilson Lacy
October 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Dave Morey
November 2010 (PDF) Speaker: Murriel Oles

View 2009 Issues
January 2009 Speaker: Bill Bertain
February 2009 Speaker: Rob Wolford
March 2009 Speaker: Randy Gans
April 2009 Spring Tea
May 2009 Speaker: Rob Arkley
June 2009 Speaker: Liz Froelich
July 2009 Speaker: Bill Barnum
August 2009 Speaker: Brian Papstein
September 2009 Speaker: Steve Baric
October 2009 Republican Picnic/Meet Chuck DeVore
November/December 2009

View 2008 Issues
January 2008 Speaker: Todd Walker
February 2008 Speaker: Rob Arkley
March 2008 Speakers" Peter Hannaford and Deb Wesley
April 2008 Annual Membership Tea
May 2008 Speaker: Deb Wesley
June 2008 Speaker: Rex Bohn
July 2008 Speaker: Frank Jager
September 2008 Speaker: Haider Ajina
October 2008 Speaker: Tina Christensen
November 2008 Speaker: Jerry Partain

View 2007 Issues
January 2007 Speaker: Holly Swanson
February 2007 Speaker: Roger Rodoni
March 2007 ERWF Hosts CFRW Northern Division Spring Conference
Speakers: Doug LaMalfa, Damien Schiff, Peter Hannaford, Craig Bradford, Lowell Diller
April 2007 Speaker: Gary Opp
May 2007 Speaker: Lt. George Cavinta
June 2007 Speaker: Randall Iwasaki
September 2007 Speaker: Brad Dacus
October 2007 Annual Membership Tea
November 2007 Speaker: Bill Barnum

View 2006 Issues
January 2006 Speaker: Ronnie Pellegrini
February 2006 Speaker: Dr. Phil Kurzner
March 2006 Speaker: Haider Ajina
April 2006 Speakers: Candidates Bonnie Neely and Nancy Flemming
May 2006 Speaker: Robert Zigler
June 2006 Speaker: Brian Morrisey and Randy Gans
July 2006 Speaker: Tom Cookman
August 2006 Speaker: Mindy Tucker Fletcher
September 2006 Republican Picnic Meet Nancy Flemming
October 2006 Annual Membership Tea
November 2006 Speaker: Lynda Hays

View 2005 Issues
February 2005 Speaker: Lori Metheny
March 2005 Speaker: Alistair McCrone
April 2005 Speaker: M. Reed Hopper
May 2005 Annual Membership Tea
June 2005 Speaker: Anthony Mantova
September 2005 Speaker: Roger Rodoni
October 2005 Speaker: Surprise Panel
November 2005 Speaker: Karen Atteberry


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